Weaves and crafts from Arunachal Pradesh

Weaves and crafts from Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is a super scenic state in the North East of India. Almost every woman there seems to know how to weave and has a personal loom at home. And almost all men knew how to make bamboo crafts. The stools, fishing nets, winnowing pans etc used in each household are made by the men of the house and women weave their own skirts and wear. How cool is that? Sharing some pics from my travel to this beautiful state.

That’s me in a traditional handwoven skirt and jacket that our host graciously shared with me to attend a local festival. 

Above pic shows central part of a traditional Adi tribe house. The stools, drying rack above fireplace etc are all made in house by the men.

With the very knowledgeable Musu Umbrey ji showing her collection of handmade hats that are used during farming, backpacks, textiles etc

Dao, a traditional hand crafted sword that is carried by men to help in their farming activities. 

You can purchase these traditional swords from our website too. 

Local men in their handwoven traditional jackets. Please note the steel tumbler they are all carrying. That is to avoid disposable plastic for their tea during festivals and events.

Beautiful woollen carpets being woven at Tibetan crafts Center in Miao.

Some of the beautiful weaves I could lay my hands on. Hope to be able to go back to the land of dawn lit mountains soon. Looking forward to bringing these weaves and crafts to you all. Stay tuned and keep following us.

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