A Journey Through Small Trinkets and Nostalgic Treasures in Handpicked

As I walked into the store the first thing that caught my eye were the amount of small, cute trinkets. I also saw this bowl of drawer handles, this intrigued me. Since my mother is fond of replacing the boring old handles at home with new interesting ones such as these. I couldn't help myself , and I had to buy some as a gift for my mother. 



I saw a deck of cards and I thought back to family poker nights or the “secret” poker games I play with my friends. Seeing as this deck of cards brought back me these memories, I bought it for a keepsake, and I love using it still. 


Diaries, I think every little girl went through the stage of having this unfathomed obsession with notebooks. I know I did. It was the one thing I bought EVERYWHERE I went, you can confirm that with my parents. Any store, any place, if they had a diary/notebook, I was the first to hold it and beg my parents to buy it for me. Even Though I had a hundred almost identical ones at home. However, these diaries really encouraged me to write, it gave me a safe space to write down all my thoughts without any fear or judgment. It was also a way to be the people everyone praised as kids, writers. 


Only a few minutes into walking in the store and I was bombarded with emotions and memories. As I walked some more I noticed a bunch of plushies, and of course who ISN’T going to go into the cute stuffed animal section. I saw a dog and some elephants and other animals. After seeing the dog stuffed toy, I was instantly drawn back to memories with my bestfriend and her dog. She’s had a dig her whole life, and in this way without ever owning a dog, I did, through her. HE saw us through all of our stages as children, he was the best. I couldn’t help but buy the stuffed dog as a gift for my friend. 


As my eyes continued to wander i saw some glasses, as i got closer to read the inscriptions on them, a smile appeared on my face, “make me a shot, its my birthday”, “the secret to a happy marriage is vodka”, the first thing I thought of was that I would definitely gift these to someone. 

So many small things gathered really makes you think about memories, the past, and makes you genuinely happy because it rejoices you with memories you might have forgotten or taken for granted. The things in handpicked helped me remember some moments with the help of the beautiful and the variety of products. Handpicked makes you feel at home as soon as you walk in, it has such a cozy vibe.

About the author:

Hi! My name is Diya Aggarwal, I'm in junior year, a DP1 student, attending Indus International school, Hyderabad. I love to write, play sports, explore new places to buy cool things, and of course I love spending time interning at Handpicked. 


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